Marine Planners of the world, Unite!

We are a group of young (or still young) researchers and practitioners passionate about oceans, seas, coasts and everything with a marine prefix.

We currently work and study in different international and national institutions around the world and many of our members are former students of Erasmus Mundus Master Course on Maritime Spatial Planning (EMMCMSP).

Our backgrounds are of the most distinct topics: from architecture to biology, economy, social sciences, planning, communications, law, engineering, geology, oceanography and many more.

We work with passion on anything that is “salty” and this includes topics such as:

Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning, Ocean Literacy, Marine Biology, Marine Conservation, Marine Protected Areas Management, Nature-based Solutions, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Ecosystem-based Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Maritime Cultural Heritage, Ocean Governance, Stakeholder Engagement, Community Relief and Engagement, Coastal Resilience, Land Sea Interactions, Climate Change Adaptation and many more topics.

Marine Planners is the platform where to engage with our networks of experts, practitioners and partner institutions from all around the world. As the marine environment, this network is highly dynamic and is continuously enriched by new members and institutions coming from different fields.

Through this platform, our members work as a group or singularly on consultancies, participate in projects as experts, organize events and workshops, and generally raise awareness on ocean-related issues.

The next generation is here!